Nutritional Facts for Sides:



 ½ cup of white rice Cal:118 Carb:23g Protein:2.1g Fat:1.7g

 ½ cup of brown rice Cal:124 Carb:26g Protein:2.6g Fat:1.1g

 ½ cup of quinoa rice Cal:111 Carb:20g Protein:4.1g Fat:1.8g

Cauliflower Cal:12 Carb:2.65g Protein:0.99g

4oz. of sweet potato Cal:102 Carb:23.5g Protein:2.3g Fat:0.2g

Small Red Potatoes Cal:105 Carb:24g Protein:3g Fat:0.2g




Green Beans Cal:17 Carb:4g Protein:1g

Asparagus Cal:12 Carb:2g Protein:1g

Peppers Cal:14 Carb:3g Protein:0.5g

Spinach Cal:7 Carb:1g Protein:1g

Broccoli Cal:30 Carb:6g Protein:3g