Cajun Chicken


Cajun Chicken

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Organic Cajun Chicken Breast


Organic Free Range Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast

Nutritional Facts:

1-  Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast Per Oz Cal:30 Protein:5.33g Fat:0.69g

  • 3oz- Cal:111 ; Protein: 21g ; Fat: 2.025g

  • 4oz- Cal:148 ; Protein: 28g ; Fat: 3g

  • 5oz- Cal:185 ; Protein: 35g ; Fat: 3.75g

  • 6oz- Cal:222 ; Protein: 42g ; Fat: 4.5g

  • 7oz- Cal:259 ; Protein: 49g ; Fat: 5.25g

2- Choice Carbs (1/2 cup)

 ½ cup of white rice Cal:121 Carb:27g Protein:2.2g Fat:0.18g

 ½ cup of brown rice Cal:108 Carb:23g Protein:2.5g Fat:0.88g

 ½ cup of quinoa rice Cal:114 Carb:21g Protein:4.01g Fat:1.8g

½ cup of Cauliflower Cal:12 Carb:2.65g Protein:0.99g

4oz. of sweet potato Cal:97 Carb:23g Protein:1.8g Fat:0.1g

Small Red Potatoes Cal:105 Carb:24g Protein:3g Fat:0.2g

3- Choice of Vegetables (1/2 cup)

Green Beans Cal:17 Carb:4g Protein:1g

Asparagus Cal:36 Carb:3.7g Protein:2.2g

Peppers Cal:12 Carb:3g Protein:0.5g

Spinach Cal:54 Carb:5.6g Protein:2.5g

Broccoli Cal:15 Carb:2.9g Protein:1.3g

Zucchinis Cal:10 Carb:2.1g Protein:0.8g